About us

Out first dog came to us in 1989. Rusky has been a grand mix of Husky and Rottweiler with black court and eyes blue like ice. Because of him we got to know the originalities of the nordic breeds, which separate them from other breeds and make a very consequent education necessary.

In 2000 we had to euthanize our loved Rusky at the age of estimated 13 Jears because of age and our first Akita puppy, Hori of Taisho go, became a member of our family. After a half year we bought his sister Hibana, but without the intention of breeding. The cohabiting of the two dogs impressed us very fast and we recognized: Two Akita are even better than one!

Already two years later all formalities had been claryfied, tke kennel had been approved and Hibana had her first litter on 23.05.2002.

Because of the charming appearance and the settled character of our dogs the passion for club, shows and breeding was aroused and out of the two Akita became even more. Therefore the kennel had to be enlarged and the garden had to be adapted to our new hobby.

Since 2002 we are active breeders in the Akita Club Germany and even active in the club itself. We are responsible for the information on shows like in Dortmund for example.

We have litters from our bitches regularly with well choiced dogs, but it shall always stay a hobby for us.

Since 2003 we've had 5 litters with 22 puppies at all.

About Akita

The Akita belongs to the oldest breeds of the world. Evidience of breeding can be led back to the 15th century and discoveries of skelettons let us assume that similar looking dogs have already lived in Japan more than 5.000 years ago.

The name Akita is derived from the japanese prefecture Akita in the northern part of the isle Honshu where the race shall have it's origin. The word Inu which is often added to the Akita simply means dog.

In former times the Akita shall have been comrade of the Samurai and hunters. 1931 the breed was declared as national monument and so the export of an Akita was no more allowed. After 1945 this regulation was no longer followed and during the time of occupation many Akita were taken to the USA by american soldiers.

Today the Akita is one of the natural and national monuments of Japan.

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