Harsewinkel is located in the North of the district of Gütersloh, in the Münsterland. Our kennel is situated in the rural area of the town, surrounded by forests, rivers, lakes and wide fileds and offers sufficient and diversified possibilites for walks. The Teutoburger Wald as well as the smaller Boomberge offer the necessary diversification from the flat land and are favoured destinations.

Our first kennel was build in 1989, when we got our first dog Rusky from relatives.

Enlargements became necessary in the year 2000, after we had to euthanize our loved Rusky at the age of approximately 13 jears because of age and after we had discovered our enthusiams for the race Akita Inu.

In preparation of our engagement as breeders in the Akita Club Germany we built three further kennels and a high fenced enclosure. Today there are four large kennels in our garden so that we are able to offer our dogs and the bitches with the puppies enough space to live.

However, Akita should in no case be kept in the kennel solely, because they absolutely need the constant contact to their family. That's why Akita should be predominantly kept in the house or in the flat.


Besides house and kennel a large and high fenced garden should not be missing for an Akita.

Our garden has got a size of about 700sqm and includes a specially fenced enclosure, where the dogs can even stay uncontrolled to enjoy the weather and to play.

A small pond offers a constant possibility to cool the paws and to drink and the opposed forest assures shadow in summer while it holds back the cold winds during winter.

We have adapted our garden more and more to the amazing japanese breed and today you can find a large number of bamboo, gravel, bonsais and japanese stone figures and stone benches.


To offer every dog the needed contact to the family there are always two of them in the house rotational, where they are allowed to spend the evenings and nights close to us.

The puppies are being raised up in the house for the first weeks of life and are accustomed to the kennel outside after four to five weeks.